Rota Boy

The Rota Boy is a unique machine capable of lifting and turning roof panels up to 66' (20m) long.

The Rota Boy solves the handling problems associated with long panels and revolutionizes roof installation.

Powered by internal rechargeable batteries, the Rota Boy uses vacuum suction to lift and secure panels. At the press of a button, the panels can then be rotated by 180 without manual effort and panel distortion or damage.

Designed for efficiency and ease of operation, the Rota Boy provides improved health and safety throughout the panel handling and installation operation.

- Combined lifting and turning capability.
- Suitable for roof panels up to 66' (20m) long.
- Quick and easy to operate with time and labor savings.
- Supplied complete with robust transport frame.
- Improved handling safety and fully complies with all relevant standards.
- Suitable for use with crane, forklift, tele-handler.
- Advanced suction pad technology protects panel surfaces and finishes.
- Audible low vacuum warning
- Large vacuum buffer tank
- Low battery warning system.
- Secondary safety device
- Fully complies with all current standards for below the hook lifting devices.
Rota Boy
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