Clad Boy

The Cool Boy is a versatile vacuum lifter developed for use with flat surface insulated panels, particular those used in the cold store industry.

Powered by an internal rechargeable battery the Cool Boy is compact, durable and reliable. Weighing only 110 LBS (50Kgs) and capable of handling panels weighing up to 1100 LBS (500Kgs) with full maneuverability through 360° rotation and 90° tilt.

Cool Boy complies with all current legislation and sets the standard for vacuum panel lifters.

- 360° rotation
- Locking facility every 90°
- 90° tilting mechanism
- Lifting capacity of 1100 LBS (500kgs)
- Compact dimensions - vacuum pad 31.5” x 16”
- Audible low vacuum warning
- Large vacuum buffer tank
- Low battery warning system
- Secondary safety device
- Fully complies with CE regulations and with all current standards for below the hook lifting devices.
Clad Boy
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