Clad Boy

The Clad Boy is a versatile vacuum lifter for all types of metal insulated panels and provides the ideal handling solution for wall and roof panels.

Powered by internal rechargeable batteries the Clad Boy is offered with a full range of accessories and extension kits.

Suitable for vertical and horizontal wall panels weighing up to 770 Lbs(350Kg) and roof panels up to 92'(28m) long, the Clad Boy is quick, safe, reliable and extremely easy to use.

With thousands of machines manufactured and used in over 28 countries worldwide, Clad Boy has been used to safely install millions of square feet of metal insulated panels.

Clad Boy complies with all current legislation and sets the standard for vacuum panel lifters.

- Versatile unit can lift all types of composite roof and wall panels.
- Quick and easy to operate with time and labour savings.
- Can handle wall and roof panel in any orientation.
- Suitable for wall panels up to 770 Lbs(350 kg) and roof panels up to 92'(28m) long.
- Battery operated, reliable and compact.
-Supplied complete with robust transport and storage container
- Improved handling safety and fully complies with all relevant standards.
- Recommended by leading panel manufacturers throughout the USA and Canada.
- Suitable for use with crane, forklift, tele-handler or other hoisting equipment.
- Advanced suction pad technology protects panel surfaces and finishes.
- Audible low vacuum warning
- Large vacuum buffer tank
- Low battery warning system
- Secondary safety device
- Machine weights from only 265 Lbs(120kg)
- Fully complies with CE regulations and with all current standards for below the hook lifting devices.
Clad Boy
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